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Welcome to Creartpewter of The Pewters Homepage
Producer of Pewter articles
Produttore di articoli in Peltro
Producteur des articles en Etain
Hersteller von Zinnlegerungwaren

To realise objects of daily use easy to utilize and of original form, is the aim of our company, that with this collection, intends to gather and present the best production of pewter items. Each item, carefully studied and designed is hand-made in an alloy composed of tin (95%), antimony and copper. Three elements which give the items a natural shine and resistence in time. Items as brillant as silver or with warm reflections of returning to the past, to far-off memories of well-laid tables.

The alloy used, responds to all the EEC and USA requisites for alimentary use.

The company which has been working on the market for over 40 years, carries out its activity in a recently erected building of 1000 m² under cover, it employs

5 Workers and 4 robots Workers -Workers in addition to the 2 Owners who actively work in the company.

+39 030 321104
+39 030 321104 (fax)
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