CREART PEWTER   Italian Pewter Mechanics and Artistic Art

                  Etain Zinn Tin Peltro Tenn Tinnen  ESTAŅO   MINIATURE  PEWTER  and  TABLEWARE 

                        Peltro Italiano  Zinn  Italienhisch




Arte Sacra


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Welcome Crescini Pewter  35* Pewter years

Producer of Pewter Articles - Producteur des Articles en Etain -Produttore di Articoli in Peltro - Das Herstellen von Gegenständen in Hart zinn, Pewter is made from the finest lead-free alloy of tin copper and antimony

Producer of Scenery terrain kits for War-games compatible Warhammer Fantasy,Lord of the Rings, Figurine Pewter,Resin,Miniature Pewter Tree, Well, Mill, House, Castle, Military,and model railroad,Hobbies,Railroad,Structures & Figures,

Machine Fruits Cleaners Blueberries, Strawberries,
Currant ,fruits of wood,Steel inox  benches of job

Set for cleaning arms ,hunting rifles, guns 
in ebony wood ,steel ,alpacca Pewter Bottles Oil 

Bronze-Brass-Pewter Sculptures 

Celtic and Gothic Jewels-Creations for account third-

Production of dice for gravitational casting and centrifuge -lost wax-

Trophies for sporting demonstrations to sketch of the customer





War games Miniature Scenery pewter






Furnishing of insides

Accessories for maintenance you arms


Arte Sacra

Fittings for the cleaning of the fruits of wood

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